01 November, 2009

1, 2, 3, and 4...yep, that's all of them!

It's been a while and I wanted to get some of my special peeps like my Aunt Cindy and the Aussie's Johnny and Michelle some updated photos before Christmas!!!!





10 September, 2009

Baby Gavin

Here's a few photos of the new babe. He sleeps a lot, as you can tell from the photos, he's asleep in most of them.

30 August, 2009

It's a BOY!!!!

It's been a long time since I've posted anything. Really since I started feeling better from all the yuck of being prego. Then the pain of being prego set in and now I'm posting because the prego ended early this morning at about 5am with the birth of our new baby Gavin Thomas DeCoria. I awoke around 3am with excruciating pain and we flew to the hospital expecting someone to figure out what was wrong with me. The doctor soon showed up and said be prepared to take this baby via c section. We were like what? "I'm only 36 weeks." That didn't seem to matter because shortly after I was having my very 1st and last c section. P.s., I got the ole tubes tide while I was at it and now I've learned that my dear cousins now refer to me as "cousin It" Ha ha ha. Dallas was suppose to have the surgery but we made a deal in the doctors office awhile ago that if I had to have a c section that I would get my tubes tide, which I was fine with cuz I knew that I was not going to have a section. I guess you could say that I was wrong.
We did not find out the sex of the baby because we wanted to be surprised and how nice it was to experience that like mom's of the past. Gavin being born at 36 weeks weighed in at 7lbs 3 ounces and about 20 long. Mom and baby and happy and healthy and can't wait to come home.

14 April, 2009

Fab U lous

I'm feeling good these days, and since I have recovered from my state of yuck and depression from the yuck, I decided to write a 'lil blurb on the good ol' blog!

We've been busy with a bit of traveling to a logde with Dallas' fam, Easter festivities, Spring Break, Easton's 2nd Birthday, and working out in the yard slinging poop and rock! Our yard is making progress, now we just need some more money to finish it! haahahaha

I'm going to do a full garden this year and I hope I get yummy veggies to harvest when the time comes. I've only ever grown tomatoes. So we'll see how this year goes!

The lodge with the DeCoria's. Can you believe all the grandkids!!!!?

Batelle Easter Egg hunt.

Stonreidge Resort in Idaho. We spent almost all of our time in the pool.

Easton's 2nd Birthday party. We had the whole family over as well as our very good friends. Easton had a lot of fun opening his presents!

Easton at his 2 year well check appointment. I thought he looked so cute in his 'lil outfit!

Easter at my parents house. I also got to see my very good friend Julie!

At the park on a sunny afternoon.

27 February, 2009

And then there were 4...

I'm prego again, and I have to admit, I went into this with a lot of enthusiasm but now, I feel like puking all the time, and have relied so much on my friends and family to help me that the once excitement I felt has drained from me. Today I feel good enough, and thought since so many peeps have asked if I died I better give you something. So this is where I've spent most of my days...couch, bed, or hanging over the Porcelain God, in underwear, I don't even feel well enough to get dressed most days! Ugh!
This is Dallas' and my last baby, and that thought makes me rejoice! Never again will I have to feel this way for sooo long, just the occasional flu. Happy Happy, Joy Joy!

Thank you Linsey and Tiffany and my mom and now Shauna, for helping me. Linsey I have never felt more guilty as I lay on the floor and watched you clean my bathrooms and kitchen. I'm glad we laugh about me puking in my "puke bowl" while holding Reagan, while you scrub down my bathroom in the background, it's a memory that I won't soon forget. Thank you. Tiffany, what can I say, you come whenever I call at the drop of a hat, and are so willing to do anything I ask. Thank you, for making my kids lunch, several times, and bringing me a slurpee for no reason. Thank you. Mom, you are a work horse! Spending your vacation making my family food, playing with the kids, and keeping the house tidy was the best thing ever! I am so grateful to have my mommy who has always worked so hard just for me. And to Shauna, thank you for taking my kids the last two days. It makes me feel less guilty knowing that they were getting attention, and were being cared for, something, I haven't been able to do very well at all. Most importantly, thank you Dallas, for getting up every morning with the kids, for working and making dinner for the family and trying so hard to do your activities as well as mine. You've kept us afloat. I love you!

My due date is September 25th.

26 January, 2009

Holes, Holes, Holes

We caught Layken during sacrament meeting at church pulling on a thin white thread and soon figured out it was attached to her tights. When Layken got home what was a small snag turned into a hole the size of her knee cap! hahahahahaha

No Naps

Easton has not been napping for the last month or so. I put him to bed after lunch as was routine. It's quiet for 15 minutes. I hear something being rammed into the kids room door, over and over again. Yep, it's Fuzzy. The kid is repeatedly ramming his Mighty Tonka Truck my 'rents gave him for Christmas into the door trying to get my attention. This isn't just your average size Tonka Truck it's metal and hard plastic like the normal truck but is triple the size. I'm surprised there hasn't been more damage to the door or our walls.
Well, needless to say Fuzzy hasn't been taking naps. I gave up. I fought with him at first. You know, battle of the wills stuff. I'm weaker. I decided screw it. The kid can just fall asleep wherever he falls asleep, if he falls asleep. Layken, his sis, was the same way. Screamed at me for several hours for a week before I relented. She was 18 months. Aspen also stopped napping at 18 months, and apparently I did the same. Perhaps it's genetic? hahahahha Fuzzy is almost 21 months now.
So the reason for this post is to say that i found Fuzzy asleep on my bedroom floor with his cars. Thought it was funny!